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The third part of still controversial series of GTA. This time it includes many improvements and changes, which change the gameplay significantly. Most of all, the city is now three dimensional, what lets you experience the races and the criminal world even better. Get GTA 3 Download to see how you handle in the world without any morality limitations. The third part can be recommended to both people who just begin their adventure with GTA as well as those, who are with the series from earlier editions.

Developer and Publisher: Rockstar Games, War Drum
Series: Grand Theft Auto
Engine: RenderWare
Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC, Xbox, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Fire OS, PlayStation 2
PC Release date: 21 May 2002
Mode: Single-player

Grand Theft Auto III / GTA 3 Download full version

GTA 3 free download


How to install – Step by Step

How did it all begin?

In the nineties, the market of computer games have been extremely changed because of the game Grand Theft Auto, which had a huge response among reviewers and regular player. The feature, which particularly distinguished it among other titles was the lack of any boundaries and brutality. The authors of the game let the player on committing almost any crime, and the game takes place in a criminal underworld about the money. With the hatred, the popularity came too. Thanks to them the game became so successful. After the first addition, Grand Theft Auto London 1969 that is, there was the second and the third part of the cult action game. What can the player, who personates the young bandit, expect this time?

The changes in the game

This time American metropolis called Liberty City uncovers its mysteries for the player. The game gives us the possibility of becoming the newbie in the mafia world. His name is Claude Speed. The new engine made it possible to create the city, which is teeming with life thanks to figures that are moving through the city and numerous interactions. The player receives more and more difficult tasks ordered by mafia bosses, and all of them are about committing different crimes – stealing, murdering, or robbing. It’s not so simple – Get Grand Theft Auto III free Download to escape the police officers and the enemies from the criminal underworld, and they will be coming more and more every day. There are several dozen of employers, who are presented during cut scenes.

The game introduces (for the first time) elements of humour, pornography (there are prostitutes), as well as references to pop culture. The storyline is rich, but not linear, so the game can go in different way. There is also a lot of space to explore islands, which are the part of Liberty City. The only supporters the player had, have, and will have in the future are still cars and weapons. Additionally, you can purchase the hideouts in the city.

Cars and guns

In the gameplay, the player has got hundreds of various vehicles (from trucks to sport cars) at his disposal. He acquires them mostly by stealing and thanks to them they can run away from the caps. Some vehicles have got special abilities but each and every one of them has got multiple damage areas and the possibility of shooting during driving. Get GTA 3 pc game to feel the realistic drive and a lot of adrenaline. In the car, you can also listen to the car – just like it was in the second part – but this time there is eight radio stations to choose from. The weapon is diverse as well. You can have pistols, shotguns, Molotov cocktails, explosives – all of them will help the player in escaping, as well as changing the street into the real battlefield.

Revolutionary action game

The third instalment was released in 2001 and it conquered the market of computer games. From this moment until now it has been gathering positive reviews. For those times graphics, and the options the game provides are large. RenderWare engine enabled creating the world that is incredibly plastic and spectacular. Get the game GTA III free from here to participate in the street races of the picturesque town modelled on New York, to run from the cops, or to carry out the missions that will take you up to the top in the mafia hierarchy.

Grand Theft Auto 3 free Download PC installation

Grand Theft Auto III Download

PC Download

System Requirements:


OS: Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP
Processor: Pentium III® 450 MHz CPU
Memory: 96 MB RAM
Graphics: 16 MB Direct 3D Video Card
Hard Drive: 500 MB


Processor: 700 MHz CPU
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Graphics: 32 MB Direct3D Video Card
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