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If you tried playing in the controversial game Grand Theft Auto, then you also should take a look at its additions. The first official addition to the game is Grand Theft Auto London 1969, which was released at the end of the 90’s. It is yet another stop in the travel through the world of lawlessness, where the player roams through the streets of London in order to commit different crimes as a gangster. Get the game thanks to Grand Theft Auto London Download links and you will once again jump into the world, where your own interest and the well-being of mafia is the most important, and the morality as well as official law and rules aren’t so important.

Developer and Publisher: Rockstar Games
Series: Grand Theft Auto
Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation
Release date: 29 April 1999
Mode: Single-player

Grand Theft Auto London Download

GTA London Free Download

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Where did it start?

At the end of the 90’s, the market of computer games has been shocked by the game called Grand Theft Auto. Why shocked? Because of its realistic brutality – the game in no way restricted the player from committing variety of crimes, starting from minor offences, ending on murders. The primary goal in the game was fulfilling the missions ordered by the mafia. Grand Theft Auto London free DownloadSo, we were climbing in the ladder of criminal career. The players were divided into those who were delighted with the criminal freedom, and those offended by the lack of limitations. The game was officially available only for the mature players. Later after that, there was an addition to the game in the form of Grand Theft Auto London 1969 & 1961.

What’s new in Grand Theft Auto London 1969?

Grand Theft Auto London PC DownloadFirst of all, the localization is changed – this time the game takes place in thoroughly mapped London. We can notice a lot of recognizable objects and landmarks of London, the atmosphere in the game is really good. The change has also had impact on the primary goal in the game, but we will tell about that later on. The mapping of Great Britain was so good, they even included the fact that in here we are driving on the left side of the road as well as the fact that we enter the car from the right side. The vehicles were also adjusted to the epoch of the late 60’s. Get GTA London PC Download links in order to smash through the English streets! The music included in the game as well as criminal world makes that this addition can absorb us for long hours. Not much changes in graphics – we still see the game from the bird’s eye, and the cars are created in similar style, except for visible adjustment to the epoch.

The mechanics of the career

GTA London Free DLCAforementioned large change had influenced the way we make our career. While in GTA we had to fulfil the tasks to earn money and prestige points (it was pretty easy and not complicated), in addition the player becomes one of eight characters to choose from and he needs to carry out the tasks (it still involves assaults, robberies, and murders) and at the same time climb the hierarchy. Our position doesn’t reflect in the money and prestige points only. Now, our goal is to be on the top of list of the most wanted gangsters by the police. So, breaking all the laws is necessity. Get the game thanks to GTA London 1969 Download and see if you can climb the specific ladder under pressure.

Is the game worth playing?

GTA London DownloadGrand Theft Auto London 1969 is an addition, where a lot changes compared to the original – it is surely worth trying. See how your criminal career will go this time. Carefully mapped London adds some realism, while more complicated career lets you delve into the storyline even more. The first addition to GTA is really a good thing – Grand Theft Auto London 1969 Download lets you test whether the authors managed to create the continuation of controversial original.

GTA London Free Download – Full Version

Grand Theft Auto London Download

PC Download

System Requirements:

CPU: 100MHz Pentium or Equivalent
GPU: 1MB VESA compatible video card
OS: Windows 95, 98 or Me or DOS 6.0
Store: 80MB of free hard disk space
Sound: Sound card


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