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Grand Theft Auto VI releaseEverything You Need to Know About GTA 6

After the confounding success of the Grand Theft Auto V and the Red Dead Redemption 2; the developer is coming with their next instalment called Grand Theft Auto VI or GTA 6. The developer has worked really harder with this game to make it a success again like its predecessor.

The Rockstar Games has also confirmed that they will be releasing on all major gaming consoles. This includes the Xbox Project Scarlett and PS5 and also the Grand Theft Auto VI PC Game. The game is not yet released, but people across the world have shared some of the expected features. These are the features which you would find with the next instalment as expected.

How Grand Theft Auto VI Would Look Like?

Many anonymous people have shared some of the images which look like GTA 6 Free PC Games. But it is not confirmed if the images are authentic. The very first image shows you some bloke’s head. There is nothing much to describe or say other than the fact that it offers an image that is high in quality. This may make the viewers confused. You can also check the shining cityscape in the backdrop of the image.

Some of the images also show the van/off-road cars which look more of a police car with blue- and red mounted lights. The images have heavy rain which makes it harder to see things clear.

These are the largest leaks ever and most of them are true to certain extent. It also depicts an airport in night with mini-map sitting in the left corner.

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Where the GTA VI Game Play Would Take Place?

Well, there are many leaks over the internet which is extremely true to some sense. As per the leaks, the game play of Grand Theft Auto VI would take place in Vice City with Miami Esque settings. There will be different settings of several eponymous PS2 and PSP games.

Some of the rumours have cleared that the game play is about core story beats and exciting locations. However, the game would be moving between vice city and unnamed knock-off. It would also included very little missions in the Liberty City too.

Another post explains that gamers would start the journey in Liberty City as short time crook prior to travelling to Vice City. There the gamers would become quite involved with some dangerous gangs. The gamers would also get ample opportunity to visit the locations which are beyond the mini map in the game. This will be in the opening mission from Grand Theft Auto V.

As the popular reports, Free PC GTA VI game would jump between two new locations. This includes the Vice City and the unnamed region in South America. Considering this fact, players will get chance to delve into the new world of international drug trafficking.

So, there are several theories mentioned, but it has a clear trend. Considering all the leaks, Vice City would be primary in-game location. The players would be jetting off on the excursions to location far beyond the standard game map.

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What is GTA 6 PC Game All About?

Till now, PC Game GTA VI looks like more of a drug smuggling, cartels and Narcos themed criminal activity game. Let us check some of the leaks and what they have to say about the game.

As per some leaks, the gamers will be playing as guy called Ricardo who plays the role of a grass root level drug lord. The storyline of the game is set back in 70s or 80s. Ricardo the prime character gradually work his way up to rank in the list of major South America cartel.

Some of the leaks confirm that the primary character in the game would play the role of a small town guy in Liberty City. While doing the odd chores in life he turns to a small time theft and eventually working in Vice City. After reaching Vice City he turns out to be a famous gangster. Finally he turns out to be a popular drug lord.

Some of other leaks have also confirmed that the prime player of the game would be the drug smuggler of global repute. There is no further information about the game. For actual game player and storyline you have to wait till the release date of the game.


The Storyline and Characters in Grand Theft Auto VI!

It is expected that all your favourite characters from Grand Theft Auto V will also feature in the next instalment. Trevor, Michael and Franklin would be the prime character in the game as expected. But, you are lucky to experience some additional cameo characters in the next instalment by the developer.

There are many speculations about whether there will be only one prime character or multiple as seen in GTA V. But as per the rumours the developers have done something special this time which they have not done in any of their previous releases of GTA. They will introduce a female character in Grand Theft Auto 6 Game. But nothing is still clear and confirmed in any sources.

As per some leaks online, GTA 6 would be the game following a low level drug deal by a character called Ricardo. He starts his journey as a thief and become the drug lord in Vice City. Again this is not yet confirmed by any reliable sources and the validity is still unknown.

As per some rumours online, the Rockstar Games have moved far beyond from Co-Op campaigns and switched to team Campaign mission. This will surely bring the fresh element in the game if it happens. It would include competitive play mode to the story mode of the game. It would also include many online squads that would be competing with each other. They will fight with some capacity during the missions.

So, until the game is released, it is hard to confirm anything. People who are expecting something new in the game must stay tuned till the release date of the game.

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