Grand Theft Auto Download (1997)

When we talk about cult games, each and every fan of computer gameplay heard at least once about GTA. It is a unique series that offers delving into the world of total lawlessness and possibility of fighting for your best with everything you can. It caused a lot of controversies, gained hordes of enemies and even more supporters – if you want to see for yourself what kind of place will you find for yourself, GTA 1 Download is here, as the first part of the cult cycle.

Developer: DMA Design
Publishers: BMG Interactive
Series: Grand Theft Auto
Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation, Game Boy Color
Release: 21 October 1997
Modes: Single-player, multiplayer

Grand Theft Auto Download (1997)

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Action of the game: what is going on and where is it?

GTA pc game DownloadThe player moves to the cities of the United States – to Miami, New York, and San Francisco. In the games they receive new names: Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas. Usually, we personate rather insignificant figure, who works for the mafia and on bosses’ orders, we perform various tasks while running from enemies, people we’ve hurt, as well as justice, which in the contrary to the appearances can be noticed in this chaotic world.

Do you want to see yourself as the beginning member of the mafia? Get Grand Theft Auto free Download and enter the world, where you can do everything you want, but later on you have to watch out for everyone and run from cops. As the game progresses, the tasks will be more and more difficult. After a while, you will no longer steal cars, but your task will be more complex – robberies, assaults, murders, and other pretty heavy crimes you will have to carry out alone or while cooperating with mafia.

Game mechanics – how does it work?

GTA 1 TorrentThe tool we are going to use is vehicle. It is our strongest ally and we use it while fulfilling missions or running from cops. The game is full of sharp turns, dizziness causing speed, and collisions. If you lost your car – you can always steal another one. If you already have one, you need to learn how to control it perfectly, otherwise you’re going to die very quickly in the world full of twisted rules. The player becomes richer during the game. Thanks to that he can acquire a weapon or new car – it’s obvious that we earn in not legal ways.

The possibilities in the game are unlimited, what generally concerns the crimes we commit. The player can without any problems steal, beat up, or even murder someone. These interaction concerns every character and the object in the game. You can also earn prestige thanks to which the tasks ordered by the mafia are harder but also more profitable. Get GTA game Download and find yourself in a world of lawlessness.

Game modes

Grand Theft Auto 1 DownloadThe authors of the game enabled us single player and multiplayer modes. Because of that the players can cooperate and compete with each other. The world can be seen from the “bird’s eye”, and the number of interactions with environment is enormous. Most of interactions concern hurting other people – you can beat up someone, run somebody down or murder the passer-by in any way – throwing someone from the car, steal, and destroy cars. The maximum number of players who can participate in the multiplayer gameplay is four.

Make your own opinion

Grand Theft Auto PC DownloadThe opinions about GTA series are varied. Some are in love with them and they played most of the parts. Others criticize it for its brutality and the lack of limits. The game bears the category “for mature audience only” because in here we can murder people, beat them up, steal, or even destroy every car we encounter on our way. Make your opinion about the game – Grand Theft Auto PC Download links are waiting for you to check the title and see if you can find your place in the world, where the only thing that stops you from the worst thing is your own sense of morality. And the game is not about being moral…

Grand Theft Auto / GTA Download PC (1997)

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System Requirements:

CPU: 75 MHz Pentium or equivalent
RAM: 16 Mb of RAM
GPU: 1MB VESA compatible SVGA graphics card
OS: DOS 6.0, Windows 95, Windows 98
Store: 80 MB of Hard Disk Space
Sound: Sound card


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